CampusNet Polls

At DTU's learning management system CampusNet there is a feature where you can set up polls to use in lectures. This is practical as CampusNet is already used by instructor and students and therefore is easily accessible. Polling is especially good for activating students during lectures by making them reflect on the subject and get feedback on their understanding of what you are teaching. 


If you're an administrator of a group in CampusNet you can use the poll feature to ask questions e.g. in a lecture to assess and activate students. It can be a bit tricky to find at first, because you have to activate the service; when entering the CampusNet group you click the 'Admin' button in the left menu. Then choose 'access to services' and tick off 'polls'. The feature is now visible in the menu and you can create a new poll. When making a poll you can use different settings to determine the time span and visibility of the poll and results - if you want to see the voting results right away. You can also embed the voting results into a presentation afterwards. If the students have downloaded the CampusNet app, they can also vote on their smartphone, which makes it convenient if you want the students to vote outside the class. 


  • Free for CampusNet users.


  • A CampusNet user with administrator rights

Benefits & Drawbacks:

  • Easy access for instructor and students 
  • Students already have a CampusNet user
  • A quick tool for asking questions in lectures
  • Needs reflections on method and the learning objectives of the question

Read more:

An article on how to ask good concept questions when using electronic voting systems, or as they call it in the article, classroom response systems can be found here