Walk-in Studio at DTU

Below the library at DTU in Building 101 you can record and edit videos in our own Media Lab. Our aim is that video production should be as natural and easy to make as it currently is to integrate PowerPoint presentations in your course. Media Lab consists of two rooms: a Walk-in Studio, which is a fully equipped video recording studio and a Post-production room for editing the video recordings.


The Walk-in-studio is soundproof and consists of four video cameras and all the necessary equipment for a variety of light settings and sound recording, including clip-on microphones. It has a large screen allowing video recordings to be shot against the background of a still image or a moving video e.g. a PowerPoint presentation. Alternatively, you can choose to shoot against a fixed background in a variety of colours. The studio is fitted with a mobile editing desk featuring a computer and a digital drawing board, so you can edit the recordings as you go.
The studio features a range of pre-programmed settings for lighting, camera operation etc. so you can put together a professional looking recording at the touch of a single button. Once you have set up and used the equipment, the system can remember the settings, making it easy to record a series of visually coherent videos.


  • Free for students and staff at DTU


  • Contact Library Service and present your DTU access card  (employees) to borrow the key and the necessary hard drives.

Benefits & Drawbacks:

  • Makes it easy to produce your own educational videos to use in e.g. a flipped classroom setting.
  • Creating high content videos without any help and at the time suitable for you.
  • Requires thorough planning before going in the studio with e.g. preparing a manuscript and PowerPoint presentation. 

Read more:

If you need assistance producing videos you can read more about LearningLabs videocrew and their offerings here.

If you have access to DTU intranet (Portalen) you will find some guidelines for the design of videos (in danish) here