Wondershare Quizcreator

With Wondershare Quizcreator you can easily make flash-based quizzes and surveys with multimedia. The tool has many customizable options and with the equation editor you can insert math and science symbols to create quizzes for e.g. Math, Physics, and Chemistry.


Wondershare QuizCreator is an application used to create Flash-based quizzes, tests and surveys. QuizCreator provides you with the standard question types such as multiple choice, multiple response, sequence, and matching as well as the possibility to include images, video, and audio. You can track the students' results and generate reports via QuizCreator Online or with limited features directly within the application. One reservation is that if you do not subscribe to QuizCreator Online, you only recieve the students' results via e-mail and have to import them to QuizCreator with limited reporting features. For a course with many students, this is not optimal. However, one of the advantages of QuizCreator is the wide range of possibilities of customizing the look-and-feel and settings of the test/survey.


  • QuizCreator Educational License: ca. 541 kr ($99.95). Buy it here.


  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
  • Flash 9 or above for previewing the quiz/survey

Benefits & Drawbacks:

  • A great, easy to work with tool that allows you to tailor the test or survey to your specific needs
  • Customizable security- and randomization settings
  • Customizable language settings
  • Customizable player
  • Subscription to QuizCreator Online may be needed for larger classes

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You can login to QuizCreator Online as a guest and try the features from this page. Or you can download a free trial version with all the same features, but with a watermark on the quizzes/surveys you produce here.

Multiple editing feautures

Customize your template with themes, page setup and effects

Different tracking options