Proprofs QuizMaker

Proprofs Quizmaker is a web based tool for setting up quizzes and tests. Proprofs provides a standard set of question types, including multiple choice, multiple correct, fill in the blanks and open ended essay type questions. The interface is simple to use.



Proprofs quizmaker has over 6 types of quiz questions and you can also add videos, images and media. Popular features for you as a teacher include scheduling, adding security and shuffling both questions and answer options. You can also make a scored survey, which allows you to assign points based on answer options selected so the quiz is scored automatically.  


  • Free (ad-supported) solution possible 
  • Educational license: 33kr per month (annual subscription commitment)
  • 110kr per month (month by month)


  • Runs in all the common browsers
  • Login required

Benefits & Drawbacks:

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Multiple question types
  • No HTML view option
  • Lack of branch features

Read more:

There are a wide variety of video tutorials available under the help menu on the ProProfs website to get you started and you can also test the tool without login here.