Vidyo is a conference tool with high quality video. Vidyo is operating in in full HD. We recommend it if the video quality is key to you and because it is easy to use and easy to deploy.

You can share your desktop with the other members of the meeting so everybody is able to see what you see. You invite participants by sending them an invitation via email within the Vidyo software. It is possible to record your conferences and stream them out to 300 participants.


Vidyo can communicate with legacy systems like Cisco and Polycom. Vidyo is working on several Computers. It works with PC, Mac and Linux and is called “Vidyoclient”. The software is downloaded and installed from DTU’s Vidyo portal. At present, it is necessary to be a registered user to use Vidyo.

IOS and Android is supported, so it also works on smartphones and tablets. Once registered as user, you can download the app from an app store and install it on your smartphone. The username and password are identical with the ones use for the PC/Mac platform. You can only be logged in on either the computer or the tablet/smartphone.

How to get it

If you wish to use Vidyo, send your contact information to Søren Stig Frederiksen on He will within a very short time create your user account and send instructions on how to use the system. “Vidyo mobile” and “Vidyo client” are free of charge for DTU staff.

Another way of using Vidyo is by having a traditional codec (hardware) or “Vidyoroom SX” (software). The entry level codecs starts around 10.000 DKK, the professional around 35.000 DKK for the telepresence codecs called “Vidyo Panorama” and begins at 120.000 DKK. It is possible to have up to eight screens on a Vidyo Panorama.

Vidyoroom SX is the software version of a codex and transform a traditional PC with i5 processor or better into a videoconference codec. The price starts around 8800 DKK for software.

The best ways of obtaining Vidyo is by contacting AIT-AV and ask for guidance.


Known difficulties and recommended settings

  • Depending on the level of network security, it might be necessary to activate the Vidyo proxy within the settings of Vidyo. 
  • There is a maximum of 20 endpoints/meeting rooms in the same conference. At present 25 vidyomobile/vidyoclients can have conversations/conferences simultaneously. If more are trying to get online, the system will state that it is busy. In pace with the demand for Vidyo, we expect the infrastructure to be expanded. In case of a bigger conference, DTU can rent additional lines to fulfill the users’ demands. – contact AIT-AV in such cases.
  • When using the Vidyoclient on your computer, we strongly recommend you to use a HD webcam and a headset.
  • If you are several users around the same computer, we recommend you to use a speakerphone.
  • Vidyo is the recommended platform for videoconferences from AIT-AV when it comes to new acquisitions on legacy and high end videoconference systems. DTU have its own infrastructure and it is quite easy to set up conference rooms.

Vidyo’s quality depends on the internet connection. If the connection is poor the Video quality will lower. When the rate is 512 kbits or lower, the image will flicker.


Who can help?

Vidyo is fully supported by AIT-AV. Call AIT Servicedesk and get transferred to AIT-AV on 4525 5555.