Skype for Business - Lync

Lync is Microsoft’s version of a communication tool. It can share your desktop and the video and audio quality is quite good. Lync works well for fast communication.  Lync is typically used for internal meetings and is proprietary.


How to get it

You should contact your IT department and ask if they have deployed Lync on your PC. If Lync is deployed, it is integrated into your Outlook calendar. It is your institutes IT department who decides if you can use Lync at your institute.

There is two ways to get in touch with another person in Lync.

One way is to open your Outlook calendar and schedule a meeting with the person(s) you wish to contact. Click on “New Lync Meeting” in your calendar and complete the notification of a meeting.

The other way is to setup the person you wish to contact in Lync. This is done by typing in the person(s) you wish to arrange a meeting with’s e-mail address. You can right-click on the person and choose “Schedule a meeting”. Outlook will now send the notification of a meeting. Fill in the rest of the notification/invitation and send it. You will now receive a meeting notification in your calendar. 

To participate in the meeting, click Join Lync Meeting and wait until it logs you into the meeting.


Known difficulties and recommended settings

Skype for business is only working with Skype for business. It is possible to communicate with Skype, but this demands the latest version of Skype. Screensharing from Skype for Business is not visible on Skype.

Who can help?

If you have questions about Skype for business / Lync on your DTU computer you can contact AIT Servicedesk on 4525 5555.