Adobe Connect

If you want to adress a class with many students where you (or another) will be the main speaker LearningLab DTU and DTU AIT-AV will recommend you to use Adobe Connect.

Adobe Connect

This link to the DTU portal gives you a good overall introduction to the system.

Adobe Connect can solve a lot of demanding tasks and is a fast online platform. It is a specialized tool meant for distance education and online meetings. If you have access to CampusNet, you also have access to Adobe Connect. To access Adobe Connect, open a browser and go to the address Use the same username and password to login to Adobe Connect that you use to login to your computer on DTU.

By using your computer, a headset and a webcam, you can now have meetings through your internet connection. For help with acquisition of hardware like headset and webcam, please send a mail to  where you describe what you need and for what.

If you need instructional videos, please go to Adobe Connects homepage Adobe Connect help pages. Here you will find the latest updated instructional videos on Adobe Connect and learn how to set up your Adobe Connect connection.

Adobe Connect’s screensharing is very advanced. It is possible to share documents and desktop. Furthermore, videos with sound can be shared in high quality. Adobe Connect has shown its strength when it is used for online meetings and distance learning. In Adobe Connect, it is possible to stream and record a meeting or a class. The inbuilt chat function gives the participants the possibility to exchange both individual messages and messages to the entire group. The history is always kept in the meeting room after the session has been closed so you can revise your previous classes/sessions. This can be used for students that want to view the session as a video or for you when you plan your next session. The messages written in the session can be deleted if wished.

In Adobe Connect, you can share documents and live videos you previously have recorded or found on the web. It is possible for the participants to write in and edit the documents simultaneously, which can be very useful if you assign note takers in your class session or if you are working together on a draft/report. It is also possible to write on the same “Whiteboard” in the meeting room.

Adobe Connect is a quite flexible tool, where it is possible to change the layout of your meeting room, so the user can define how she/he wants to see the videos, content and other informative elements (window sizes and location on screen).

Adobe Connect is free for you to use and can host up to 700 participants at one time.


How to get it

To access Adobe Connect, open a browser and go the address , choose your organization and login with your DTU credentials. Note that Adobe Connect doesn’t require any downloaded software, but all flash drivers on your computer need to be updated!


Known difficulties and recommended settings

Adobe Connect is an advanced platform, demanding that the user is using it on a frequent basis. It is therefore recommended, that the user takes a course. Courses are offered every semester by Arcanic. It can take some time to learn all the functions due to the software’s many aspects and possibilities. Here are a few tips that we often get asked about:

  • Camera and microphone As default, your camera and microphone are set to off. If you want to have your camera and microphone enabled, you have to do it manually on the camera in microphone icons in the optionsbar in the upper left corner. Choose “Connect my Audio” to turn on your microphone and “start my webcam” to turn on your camera. When the functions are turned on the icon gets green.
  • Video quality The video qualities are average, and not as good as in Vidyo (see further down in this document). We recommend it for teaching anyway because of the many other features and because the sharing function is one of the best on the market.

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