Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a tool for desktop sharing, online meetings and video conferences. Combined with a tablet it can be used as a digital board. DTU has free access to Adobe Connect through The Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation.



There are two different main user scenarios for Adobe Connect.

  • Streaming lectures (and - if desired - recording and distributing them for later use). With Adobe Connect you can share the desktop (or selected parts of it) when demonstrating e.g. software. The audience can write comments through a chat function.
  • Streaming online meetings (and - if desired - recording and distributing them for later use). Adobe Connect can support some forms of distributed collaboration between members of a meeting, e.g. taking turns in the online discussion, chat comments, and sharing desktop workspace.

For help and suggestions regarding the different ways of using of Adobe Connect (lectures, meetings etc.) contact the e-learning consultants at LearningLab DTU.

Arcanic regularly offers courses in Adobe Connect; find more info here (only DTU users).



  • PC with internet connection.
  • Webcam
  • Microphone/Headset

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Complete and tested solution with many options for online meetings and lectures.
  • Slow internet connection can cause latency in the meeting. 

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Read more about Connect on the E-learning Toolbox.

Per Brockhoff from DTU Compute uses Adobe Connect extensively in his teaching of statistics, with online lectures and software demonstrations. See a recording of them here.

General information (and start up help) on Adobe Connect from Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation.

Adobe Connect's overview of getting started videos.

The Adobe Connect info page at DTU Portalen (only for DTU users). 

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For information about compatible hardware such as headsets and webcams, please contact DTU IT Service, Franz Heinemeier

For further support or technical information about Adobe Connect, please contact CampusNet support, telephone:45 25 74 43.

Any problems with login to Adobe Connect through Wayf 'single-sign-on' should be addressed to Arcanic, telephone: 45 25 72 77.