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Our aim is to help you boost your teaching by applying learning technologies to improve your students' learning. In this toolbox, we present different learning methods and selected tools that will hopefully inspire you to try it out.

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LearningLab DTU is a consultancy unit that deals with educational development and serves faculty and managment at DTU. We are always happy to discuss your ideas and projects.

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Teachers at DTU are boosting their teaching by using learning technology - and so can you

We designed this toolbox to help you introduce learning technologies in your teaching to support student learning.

If you are looking for inspiration for teaching methods and implementation of learning technology in your teaching, take a look at the TEACH and GETTING STARTED sections.

We encourage the community of DTU teachers to share knowledge and experiences with specific tools - and we offer to assist you in the process. In the section SHARE, we hope to inspire you to pay it forward and share your results with your peers. 

We have also added some of our own favorite RESOURCES to the toolbox.

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